White Agricultural Rum 1819 - 50º

→ White Agricultural Rum 1819 – 50º

Saint Aubin’s White Agricultural Rum is authentic, intense and potent, reflecting the land it is born
It delivers an intense aroma of floral and vanilla notes playing along in harmony.
The palate is rich and generous, offering a sweet sensation of smoothness. Have it as a traditional
“small punch” or use it to bring a new dimension to your favorite cocktails.

Vanilla Rum 1819 – 40º ←

The Vanilla Rum comes from the blissful union of rum and the vanilla grown on the Plantation.
This subtle combination gives a tasty and generous rum with sugary notes reminiscent of the sweetness
of living of olden days.
Have it straight on ice or mix for cocktails.

Vanilla Rum 1819 - 40º
Coffee Rum 1819 - 40º

→ Coffee Rum 1819 – 40º

Our Coffee Rum is born from the perfect alchemy between the complexity of the rum and the intense
flavour of the Mauritian coffee exclusively grown in the region of Chamarel.
This wonderful blending between character and charisma gives birth to a rum with a potent taste. It is
ideal as a liqueur or an engaging aperitif, served on the rocks.

Spiced Rum 1819 – 40º ←

Unravelling exotic aromas of woody cinnamon and orange peel, the Spiced Rum is a zesty and suave
Brimming with potent and voluptuous distinction, it takes us back in time to the luxurious era of the
Spice Route.

Spiced Rum 1819 - 40º
Reserve White Rum – 40%

→ Reserve White Rum – 40%

The name of our Reserve rums has been inspired by that of the oldest sugar cane field of the Saint
Aubin plantation. The latter produces a singular variety, reddish in colour and filled with particular
The juice obtained therefrom, when distilled in our copper column, produces a light and delicate rum.

Reserve Vanilla Rum – 40% ←

The light Reserve rum, blended with the sweetness of our vanilla gives birth to a smooth and
tantalizing outcome.
The Vanilla Reserve Rum will entice consumers looking for a velvety and versatile rum that gracefully
adapts to a variety of uses.

Reserve Vanilla Rum – 40%
Reserve Gold Rum – 40%

→ Reserve Gold Rum – 40%

Warm, sunny, easy-going, the Reserve Gold rum brims with woody and deliciously spiced notes. The
palate is exceptionally rich and offers a wonderfully aromatic complexity.

Reserve Spiced Rum – 40% ←

Dominant notes of cinnamon and orange peel create an attractive array of aromas blending into a
perfect smoothness.
Beholding a welcoming spirit, it is ideal served as an aperitif, on ice.

Reserve Spiced Rum – 40%