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Ernesto Martin Ramirez Vargas was born in Lima, Peru and has traveled extensively throughout Mexico. On his last visit in 2006 he traveled to Mexico's unique Tequila-Producing Region, he joined La Ruta Del Tequila and his love for Tequila started. He has sampled over 200 different brands of Tequila, visited over 30 different distilleries.

Working with different distilleries he was able to develop a unique Tequila that is great for mixing drinks, ice cold shots or just on the rocks.

Don Ernesto Tequila is made with mature 100% blue agave, quality agave requires between 6 years and 14 years of growth before reaching maturity. The agave/piña ‘hearts’ are slowly steam-roasted in centuries old traditional thick stone walled brick ovens (hornos) for 36 – 54 hours. This traditional art of ‘slow cooking’ in brick ovens prevents the cooked agave from caramelizing while softening the fibers and transforming the carbohydrates into fermentable sugars. These ovens also help retain the sweet natural mellow flavors of the carefully grown agave. We utilize a slow fermentation system. Average fermentation requires 48-60 hours. Many mass produced tequilas are fermented for only 10 – 12 hours. This results in a more neutral final tequila flavor. Typically, the slower the fermentation process, the more full bodied tequila/agave flavor.

Don Ernesto Tequila has a smooth strong natural flavor.

Each Bottle of Don Ernesto Tequila has the unique Vargas Coat of Arms.

Blue Weber Agave

Our Tequila

Don Ernesto Tequila Silver

100% Blue Weber Agave

Nice crystal clear bottle

750ml bottles/12 bottles per case

55 cases per pallet /660 bottles

Our Tequila has a great smooth natural taste.

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